Published On: Sat, Feb 10th, 2018

Indian Camps Attacked By Militants, Two Dead In Jammu And Kashmir State

A group of militant attacked on an Indian camp on early Saturday while at least two officers have dead and more than seven people are injured as a senior police officials reported in northern Jammu and Kashmir State.


At least two junior commissioned officers have been killed on early Saturday in results of attack by Militant in Northern of Jammu and Kashmir state.

While police officer said that two children along two women are included in the injured people who are relatives of army persons and some other people wounded in results of attack in camp.

According to the inspector general of police S.D. Singh Jamwal that the guard felt the suspected movements in front of his bunker before the gunfire in Jammu at about 4:55 am on Saturday.

While with the sun shines the firing was still started and all the area is covered by army as well as police in wait of reinforcements.

From both sides firing started in Indian camp while it is reported that militant group cornered in quarters of army.

India said that Pakistan is behind this attack as they trained the militants due to which India has lost their two officers and many has injured in early Saturday attack in northern states.

Every time when there are some attacks on Indian army, they claim that Pakistan is behind attacks and now against they reported that Pakistan trained and helped them to get in across the Line of Control but on other side Pakistan has denied the India statement.

South Asian neighbor countries have fought many wars since 1947 Independence Day, India has sent their military to Jammu and Kashmir illegally where a large number of people have killed by them and now in response militants hit the Indian camp.

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