Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2018

Insurgents’ Attacks Kill About 15 People In Afghanistan, Including Six Policemen

Taliban have risen about their actions against the regime by enhancing terrorism acts as killed 15 people in three separate attacks on Wednesday in Afghanistan, while six policemen were killed in an attack for which officials accused the American army because they believe former US security circumstances in a country wracked by years of fighting.


The assaults occurred a day after Taliban’s overcoming two rural northern districts and also expanded the territory launching their acts. These terrorist acts contain suicide bombers and gunfire were took place in the capital.

Kabul, although one was carried out in the western part of the city at a police headquarters and other one near the offices of the Asian Development Bank, in the city center Shar-e Naw neighborhood.

By viewing the Shar-e Naw attack, in which a suicide bomber and four gunmen tried to go in the compound housing the bank, a multinational donor agency that makes available significant funds for the Afghan government.

The spokesman for the Afghan Public Health Ministry, Wahidullah Majroh told media that these assaults killed about seven people and injured 17 others. On other side, Middle East’s one of the most dangerous organizations.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the assault on the Kabul police station, while a spokesman for the Taliban revealed that they have done the attack close to the Asian Development Bank.

With that said, both largest militants’ organizations are considered as the Islamic State and Taliban are deadly enemies of the government, as well of each other.

However, the National Directorate for Security has said some strange in his statement that the Afghan intelligence agency believes the Haqqani Network which is a guerrilla group linked to the Taliban, are behind the both attacks.

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