Published On: Fri, Mar 9th, 2018

International Women’s Day 2018 Reese Witherspoon, Danai Gurira Speak Women Empowerment

Hollywood renowned female celebrities Danai Gurira and Reese Witherspoon talked about women empowerment for international women’s day 2018, even raised their voices against the sexual harassment in the workplace for all females in the world.


The 41-year-old white actress spoke how a woman has to see a number of difficulties to survive in society as well to build strong identity.

While also talked about women who had to face tough movements at initial stages in the entertainment world.

Witherspoon said that the fire rose when 40 women sat in a room in last October talking about the issue, were making deal with it saying it enough is enough,

She added saying the female harassment must be stopped and no more female going to face misbehaved by men working outside. Witherspoon also explained that they need to create further chances to work for all women but safe and secure.

The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund is designed to offer funds to those females who have faced bad experience of sexual assaults.

Harassment, abuse by working in offices or other workplaces, therefore, they just need to join GoFundMe page from the

Everyone can join the Time’s Up (an organization) website to learn more about females who are battling sexual harassment and inequality in the world of entertainment, even anyone can donate to help victims.

The The Golden Compass actress is also working with Beauty Company Elizabeth Arden’s storyteller-in-chief, made public an announcement to the brand for its request to help females in order to donate.

She also added that to work with brands such as Elizabeth Arden, feels proud to her, who is donating $1 million to the UN Women’s fund today.

shows how much they care about their customer and that what others companies need to go ahead like them.

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