Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

IOS 12 Beta Review – New Features, Compatibility, Release Date, How To Install Free

Not that you need a reason to get exited about the latest iOS update, but the bugs fix and new features in the iOS 12 public Beta are enough to give you the butterflies.


You can, now download the latest iOS Public Beta from the official Apple Beta Program Page to enjoy the new features.

Apple releases a Beta version of its latest software to general public in order to test and review the software. The opinions provided by the users are then utilized to fix bugs, and make necessary adjustments.

Usually, Apple releases the Public Beta version after it has undergone a few developer checks and gotten rid of major bugs but the latest iOS 12 beta was released only after two developer checks due to its stability and smoothness. According to the reviews, it runs pretty smoothly and without much hassle.

Before downloading the iOS 12 Public Beta, make sure to back up all of your data on Cloud or your computer.

It is recommended that you run the beta version on a test device and spare your main smartphone because as stable as it is, there are still chances of crashes and shut down.

The most amazing things about iOS 12 is that it is compatible with almost every Apple device so no one has to be deprived of this awesome update. Plus, the key operating functions get a 70% speed and performance boost.

iPhone Users should get ready to spice up their chat and conversations with the new Memoji and Animoji features, which lets the user create their own emoji that looks like themselves.

There are also additional stickers and Snapchat-like filters for Camera. iOS 12 finally gets the group notification features, not to mention that you can also FaceTime with multiple friends at once. Siri has also gotten some more updates, increasing her ability to navigate better.

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