Published On: Mon, Feb 19th, 2018

Iran Plane Crash: Rescue Teams Find Site, All 66 People Dead On Board

All the 66 people were killed on board on Sunday in a plane crash including the crew members while now the rescue teams have found the wreckage place and the plane was going from Tehran to the south-western city of Yasuj.


The Aseman Airlines plane were left on Sunday for Yasuj while according to the Airline that all the abroad were dead in crash including the crew staff.

The rescue teams found the crashed site in mountains while the flight went to crashed in a foggy weather in Iran and this is the one of the most deadly crash in the history of country.

It is reported by officials that the fight EP3704 which was a twin-engine turboprop, came down on Dena Mountain that is 22 km away from the Yasuj.

While according to air line that pilot along co-pilot, 66 passengers, two security guards and two flight attendants were also on the board while they have dead in crash on Sunday.

The officials of airline initially reported that all of the passengers including crew have been killed while later they issued the statement.

Because of the improper circumstances as of foggy weather they could not find the site and so they can not clearly describe the death of all people on board.

There was heavy snow as well as foggy weather due to which rescue teams including security teams faced many problems to track down the crash site.

While they took the land rather than air journey to go there because of the dangerous weather condition for the helicopters.

No causes still found for the crash as officials reported but it seems that dense fog, heavy wind caused the crash in the Zagros Mountains on Sunday near to Yasuj destinatio

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