Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Iraq, Iran Earthquake: At Least 332 Killed Due To Massive Earthquake As Hits Border Region

A massive earthquake hit the two countries, according to reports at least 332 people have killed while hundreds are injured, rescue teams are on their way, many people are still trapped under the rubble and powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.3 hit the region yesterday.


Powerful earthquake of 7.3 magnitude has created the fear in the region as hundreds of people have killed along a huge number are still trapped into the destructive buildings.

Two countries are still under the threat due to aftershocks, rescue teams are trying to save the people and massive destruction took place on Sunday across the border.

According to the Iran agency that most of the people who have dead belong to the western Kermanshah province where earthquake has destroyed most of the buildings.

While it is said by the news that more than 70,000 people have lost their homes because of the powerful natural disaster and now they are in need of shelter.

The media reports show that in Iran more than 4000 people have injured while hundreds of people are still trapped under the destructive buildings.

The rescue teams are trying their best to save the public, the both countries are under the natural disaster and it is one of the massive as well as powerful earthquake that occurred in these countries.

Earthquake has damaged the Iran more than Iraq as it has lost hundreds of live while thousands of people are injured, the emergency situation has imposed in the both countries.

Across the border everywhere cries are there of that who are still trapped under the rubble, according to the reports that at least 332 people have died in this massive destruction while about 2500 are injured in results of the earthquake on Sunday.

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