Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2018

Israel Begins Enormous Military Action Against Iran’s Targets In Syria

The military officials from Israel army told on Thursday that they have attacked dozens of Iran-linked army targets in Syria as retaliation against rocket fire.


Appear to be a important appreciation in regional enmity just after a day the United States announced its pull out from the Iran nuclear deal.

The attacks are considered retaliation as a volley of rockets straightly hit Israeli positions in the Golan Heights, fortunately no causalities were discovered after shelling.

However, the rocket fire believes to be came from Iran’s Quds Force, a Special Forces unit affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, said Israeli military.

Added saying that it is first attempt as didn’t happen ever Iran’s forces have fired in a straight line on Israeli troops.

On other hand, accusations came from Syria’s regime and Iran government that Israel launched attack first they didn’t make it, while only Syria made reaction against Israel targeted the Syrian town of Quneitra, however, the Iranian government has denied to make any action against the Israel’s military.

The Israeli military also said that largest interference by Israel in neighbouring Syria in decades in the response of the rocket fire.

Israeli jets moved Syria have been flying around northern Israel for reportedly four hours, while nearly 70 formerly identified struck.

Syrian state news agency reported an unidentified Syrian Foreign Ministry official quoted Israel’s overnight assaults as a latest phase of violence.

Nearly 23 people have shot dead in Israeli strikes throughout Syria were carried out on Thursday, a monitoring group based in Britain, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

While group five Syrian soldiers and 18 allied soldiers lost their lives, though it wasn’t clarified whether any of the military persons were from Iran.

Nevertheless, the Syrian army told media only three people died in the actions and claimed most of the Israel’s missiles were interrupted.

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