Published On: Wed, Jan 17th, 2018

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu In Gujarat, Narendra Modi Pay Tribute To Gandhi

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Ahmedabad where he has a busy day in Gujarat while the host Narendra Modi pays tribute to Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram on Wednesday and different stages have been setup for the roadshow for these two leaders.


PM Benjamin visited the Taj Mahal in Agra on Tuesday while he along the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the iCreate centre at Bavla city and a centre for agriculture in Sabarkantha while this visit of Israeli Prime Minister will empower the relationship between India and Israel.

Two leaders planned for the roadshow, this visit of Israeli Prime Minster in India has raised many questions related to defense of region because the neighbor country Pakistan criticized this visit as according to them both enemies of them are now together and may be this visit will fire the situation across the borders.

Because of this visit, the neighbor country has many questions; according to the Pakistan foreign minister Khawaja Asif that Israel and India have connections because both have the Muslim communities in their countries like Israel has the vast area of Palestine and India occupied the Kashmir illegally.

After completing the eight kilometer roadshow, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with his guest Israeli PM Benjamin has arrived in the Sabarmati Ashram while this is also known as Gandhi Ashram where Modi gave tribute to the Gandhi and this roadshow started from the airport.

It is reported that about more than 50 stages were built on the roads toward the Ashram from the Airport for the both leaders, the Israeli Prime Minister received a very warm welcome from Indians but this visit has raised many questions about the neighbor country defense and Benjamin will signed different contracts on his visit as reported.

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