Published On: Tue, Feb 27th, 2018

Ivanka Trump Enlarges White House Tension With Visit To South Korea

The eldest daughter of current United States president Ivanka Trump, landed at South Korea 23, February with intention to meet the nation’s president Moon Jae-in, as well to cheer on American athletes participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics. She also went in front leading her homeland delegation into the closing ceremony, which occurred on February. 


Although, the elder daughter of President Donald Trump is performing its duties as a policy adviser, carrying responsive new details on sanctions to the South Koreans, while she will not be replying those answers regarding her president father’s clear unfaithfulness.

Ivanka Trump is a nominal leader, who carries goodwill at an international sporting event, while her unique stature together with her husband Jared Kushner both come out as tension inside the White House.

Nonetheless, a number of their colleagues chafe at favorable standing of the couple. John Kelly, chief of staff as the boss, has experienced to work inspire a military-style hierarchy to the West Wing.

However, the husband of Ivanka’s efforts to get a permanent security permission have shown his unusual place in the administration.

Her trip to South Korea in recent week, is considered highest-profile solo trip so far. So she manages highlighted the inescapable clash.

As we have seen, a huge criticism emerged when she sat on her father’s official seat temporarily at the G20 summit previous year in Germany, now question raises, has Ivanka taken such a high-profile task.

Conversely, the verdict sending the eldest daughter of current United States president to South Korea didn’t showing positive meanings along with some senior officials in the West Wing, although pair of people recognizable with the situation, US authorities informed media.

While the North Korea’s nuclear threat and the tensions both already fueling transversely the Korean Peninsula made any US delegation far over ceremonial.

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