Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Jerusalem Decision Could Hurt Peace Process As White House Officials Admit

Two senior White House officials said after the Trump’s speech about declaring the Jerusalem as capital of Israel on Wednesday that this could hurt the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and several Muslim leaders have refused to admit this step.


On Wednesday, it was declared by United States President that Jerusalem will be capital of Israel because all seating power exists there but now sounds against this step have risen by many countries.

According to two White House officials that this could damage the peace process between Israel and Palestine in future.

State Department has received the orders to change the United States embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

This decision was cheered by the supporters of the President Donald Trump as well as by Israel while on Tuesday US Arab allies has warned the Trump that this will be cause of instability on the reason.

Several sounds have been raised in the region against declaring the Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

According to Turkey’s leader Erdogan that if US will declare the Jerusalem as capital.

Then they will cut down all the relations with them and according to him that this is the red line for Muslims in whole world.

Erdogan strongly condemned the United States President Trump action about to declare that Jerusalem will be capital of Israel.

He said on Wednesday that Turkey will cut all its relations with Israel as well as with America if they did so because that place is a red line for the Muslims.

While according to the Trump’s administration that Jerusalem will be capital of Israel as government seat power is based in there, White House officials has said on Wednesday that this act will damage the peace process between Israel and Palestine.

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