Published On: Wed, Dec 13th, 2017

Jerusalem Must Organized As Palestine Capital, Turkey Foreign Minister Speaks


The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu spoke to the organization of Islamic corporation of Foreign Ministers Council in Istanbul, Turkey that Muslim countries must realize the world to accept the Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine .


The Muslim countries are strongly condemning the US presidents’ statement as he has declared the Jerusalem the capital of Israel which is against the rules as well as it is worst decision made by him.


Turkey is a key country in OIC where the foreign minister said that the world must recognized the Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

In recent days, United States President Donald Trump released a statement that Israel has set the government power in Palestine, so the Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel.

Clashes have started bwtwewwn civilians of Palestine and Israeli military troops and some people have died in these we conflicts.

Muslim countries have warned the United States about the declaration of Jerusalem is the capital of Israel which has killed thousands of Muslims in Palestine.

OIC organization has declared to world that Jerusalem will not be the capital of Israel and Palestine will be only for Muslims.

In all over the world protest have started against the Donald Trump, in many world the flags of United States and Israel have burnt by protests,

In Malaysia people protested in front of the American embassy by burning their flags and as well as of Israel.

Turkey has showed its anger against the Trump’s action as he has declared the Jerusalem the capital of Israel which is against the rules,

According to the Turkish president Erdogan that Israel is a terrorist state which is killing people.

On Wednesday the Foreign Ministers Council in Istanbul, Turkey in organization Muslim conference has said that world must set the Jerusalem as capital of Palestine.


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