Published On: Tue, Jul 10th, 2018

Justin Bieber Proposes To Baldwin Hailey In The Bahamas

The internet is in a frenzy after reports of Justin Bieber’s engagement to Baldwin Hailey surfaced over this weekend. The pop star reportedly proposed to the American model during their vacations in the Bahamas.


Last Saturday, Justin Bieber got engaged to Baldwin Hailey and Bielibers cannot believe it. According to the reports, the Canadian pop star made preparations in New York before leaving for their vacations.

He bought a ring and reserved a romantic dinner at a famous restaurant, where he proposed to Hailey. According to the witnesses, Hailey was pleasantly shocked at first but soon her face lightened up with happiness. It was an instant ‘Yes’ to Bieber’s question.

Although, the couple is yet to announce their engagement to the public, multiple reputable platforms say that they have verified the news.

And if we keep in mind the recent fan sightings of Justin Bieber and Baldwin Hailey in the Bahamas, it is safe to say that the couple is in fact, spending a romantic holiday at a resort in the Bahamas.

Not to mention the cryptic messages left by both star’s parents on the internet. Bieber’s mother as well as his father tweeted, saying that he is proud and excited for the beginning of a new chapter, though he did not elaborate onthe context of these words. Similar message hinting at the engagement was also posted by Hailey’s father.

Fans of Justin Bieber all over the world are frantic at the news, some with delight and others with sorrow but mostly jealousy. A majority of Bieliber stook to twitter to congratulate their idol and wished for his happiness.

Hailey and Justin started dated back in 2015 and continued an on-off relationship throughout the following years. He has spoken publically about marrying Hailey before so the news isn’t exactly unbelievable.

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