Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

Kabul Intercontinental Hotel Attack Leaves 18 Dead, US Condemns The Attack

At least 18 people have dead in a terrorist attack at intercontinental hotel in capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, 14 foreigners are included in this deadly attack and many of the guests have rescued by security forces while this incident is strongly condemned by US.

Kabul Intercontinental Hotel Attack Leaves 18 Dead, US Condemns The Attack.jpg

According to the officials in the 18 dead people, 14 are foreigners while military forces fought with militants about 13 hours who were in the hotel wearing the bomb jackets.

United States officials condemned the attack and about 150 guests saved their lives by coming down from upper floors of hotel through the bed sheets.

The attackers were in the building with chest bombs while they kept the security forces out of the attack area about 13 hours the attack was started at about 9.p.m as told by officials, the militant gunman was wondering in the hallways by firing on the especially foreigners and Afghanistan’s people on Saturday.

The hilltop hotel was the targeted on Saturday by the militant forces, about 150 people managed to escape from the luxury intercontinental hotel while 41 foreigners were included in these rescued people, they saved their lives from gunman by coming down from upper floors through shimmying down bed sheets.

Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish told that about 10 people are injured from the rescued men, six security men are included while the 14 foreigners who were killed by the militant forces were the employee of KamAir which is a private Afghan airline and some of the flights were on rest due to this attack on Saturday.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin cleared that some Ukraine people are included in the dead persons while along them Two Venezuelan pilots for KamAir are also dead and Taliban has accepted the responsibility of this attack.

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