Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Kabul Suicide Attack: At Least 18 Dead In A Attack Outside Of Wedding Hall

An attacker blew himself outside the marriage hall in Kabul while at least 18 have dead, many have injured, the suicide attack took place on Thursday, apparent looks like that attack was on political leaders and security teams have covered the area.


The Capital Kabul faced a suicide attack on Thursday outside the marriage hall while officials say that it looks like the attack was for the political personalities who were going to gather in the hall.

At least eighteen people have died, the number of deaths can rise and many have injured while police has reached on the incident spot to cover the area.

Afghanistan is a country which is thought of home of terrorists because there are many groups in that land which are organizing the attacks in all parts of world especially nearby their neighbors.

The land has lost thousands of life till now and from recent days the rate of attack has increased which has forced the tensions in the region.

Still now no group claimed the responsibility for this attack, this suicide attempt has created the fear in the area, the army has reached on the spot.

The whole is now covered by the security forces while investigation teams have started their research and they are seeing nearby to search that any other explosives either placed near the spot or not.

The capital city is under attack, the attack took place when a huge number of people were present in the marriage hall while more were coming.

According to official reports that political personalities were gathering in the hall and this is the reason of attack as apparently looks like but still now no clearly evidence has been found that who is behind this attack and more than 18 people have died in this attack.

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