Published On: Thu, Jun 28th, 2018

Kanye West’s Marriage In Jeopardy After His ‘Slavery Is A Choice’ Comment

Kanye West reveals on media that he feared Kim Kardashian might divorce him after his controversial ‘400 years of Slavery is a Choice’ comment, which he made during an interview with The New York Times while talking about his song Wouldn’t Leave, in his latest album Ye.


The multi platinum hip hop star brought about his own demise when he carelessly and callously remarked that 400 years of slavery is a choice. The comment receive backlash from the public and a huge controversy brewed over the matter in a few days.

While talking to the media, he remarked that in the wake of his comment and public controversy, he felt tension between himself and Kim Kardashian. He then, called a few family members asking them for advice and voicing his fear that Kim might divorce him.

On the other hand, the mother of three children, Kim Kardashian put his fears to rest and reassured him that she would not divorce him.

According to her representatives, the bond between Kanye and Kardashian is really strong and she will stand by him in any calamity. The source also said that both spouses may have their differences and opinions but it is not enough to tear them apart.

Kim Kardashian, during an interview, also commented about the situation and said they she did had a fight with Kanye West over his callous remark and it also made her cry but she that’s not something she’ll put on social media.

Following the controversy of this comment, Kanye West went public to explain himself, saying that he did not mean it that way.

In the video clip released by The New York Times, it can also be seen that Kanye West got shut down by a staff, reprimanding him that ‘his voice is powerful and he should be careful about his words’

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