Published On: Sat, Apr 28th, 2018

Koreas Historic Discussions At Summit, May Born Long-Lived Peace

Remarkable reunion of North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un and his neighbor South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday, appears to be a definite historic breakthrough and complete demonstration of bilateral reconciliation.


To agree to join the talks table for better future of both nations by removing all negative concepts, represents the emotional strengthen it has given to South Korea public vision. Amid the meeting between both senior leaders,

they declared agreement of Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula, new Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace that covers real measures to drive the Korean nations’ and the wider international community towards a permanent peace that comes out top question.

Nonetheless, North Korean leader’s symbolic impact positioning foot for the first time on South Korean surface cannot be ignored.

While bold verdict by Kim to step with courage and confidence into nominally hostile territory showing clearly the young dictator’s self-belief and heightened sense of political theatre as well skillfully executed timing.

North Korean leader’s nod to accept talks table offer of President Moon shows seemingly impulsive, bright gesture to respond into the South having aim to enhance progress of his nation and development in other projects.

It is believed to be that their association may surly become a true example of equality of both nations and their leaders.

Both have removed all confusions and hurdles between them carrying the goal of unification that was to be years ago as it has brought Seoul and Pyongyang at respectable place at front of the world.

Photographers from international tabloids as well as homeland stormed Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in to capture their smiley faces, even reporters asked some questions about what they see their friendly relationship bringing brighten future for both nations. At this time, all nations have congrats to both nations for their praiseworthy collaboration after a long time.

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