Published On: Thu, Jul 19th, 2018

Kylian Mbappe announced to donate his World Cup Salary for Children’s Charity

Kylian Mbappe; one of the team members who won the FIFA World Cup 2018, has announced that he is going to donate his earnings to Children’s Charity.

The news was confirmed by L’Equipe; a media group that the Franc team’s star who scored against Croatia that led to team’s victory announced his charity news in Moscow. He is going to donate his earnings to a charity that focuses on the welfare of the kid that are either hospitalize or have disabilities.

According to L’Equipe, 19 years old Kylian Mbappe has earned 17000 pounds in Russia for each match whereas received a winning tournament bonus of about 265,000 pounds.

The money is being donated to a charity called “Premiers de Cordee”. The total amount that has been donated is about 400,000 pounds.

According to another news source; Le Parisien, the head of the charity organization was thoroughly amazed by the generosity of this young star. He went on to praise the star by saying that, “Kylie is a great person. Whenever his tough sporting schedule allows, he decides to intervene on our behalf with his own accord and pleasure. He is very good with children and always knows what to say to them for encouraging them. Sometimes t seems that he is having more pleasure playing with the kids than the kids have playing with him”.

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