Published On: Sat, Jul 7th, 2018

Latest 2018 iPhone Leak Brings Bad News For Samsung For OLED Screen

We have been hearing the news of LG becoming the second supplier of OLED screens for Apple and iPhones for a few months now but latest reports suggest that the road to success might not be so easy for LG.


Samsung has been Apple’s only supplier for Organic Light Emitting Diode OLED screen panels for the last few years because it was the only company who could mass manufacture such a large number of product each year while still fulfilling all the specifications given by Apple.

All the products from Apple are known to have only the excellent and highest-quality parts that provides the best user experience.

However, being the sole OLED supplier, Samsung was definitely the one at an advantage. The South Korean company could negotiate price as much as it wanted, with Apple having little room to argue since it completely depends on Samsung for the job. But now, with LG in the race, Apple seems to have more freedom.

The main benefits Apple gets from having a contract with LG Display is the decrease of dependency on Samsung, more negotiating power as well as a back up supplier when things don’t go as planned.

However, LG seems to be having some trouble keeping up with Apple’s demand. Although, LG is dominating the market when it comes to TV LCDs and monitor screen displays, LG cellphones do not have a good reputation. It can probably provide OLED panelsonly for 6-inch or above screens.

Reportedly, majority of LG’s contract with Apple is for the upcoming iPhone X and the company is struggling to meet the production demand.

The deal is worth millions of dollars and according to an earlier report, Apple paid more than $2 billion to LG Display for taking on the job.

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