Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

London Tube Train Blast: Many Passengers Injured Due To Tube Blast At Parsons Green Station

In South west London, due to blast in tube line of train number of people have injured at Parsons Green Station on Friday early morning when there was huge rush and police says, station is safe from massive train carriage damage.


The incident took place on Friday at 08:20 BST when there was a rush, blast occurred in train tube.

According to police that there is no massive damage occurred while some of the people who were near to the blast have small injuries while they have transferred to hospital and spokesperson of the state confirmed that no death is occur at station.

According to an eye witness that people were panic, they have frightened when blast sound produced, they were running away from the train.

Many people were coming from the train with little injuries while some of them wounded seriously and according to health department all the passengers are out of danger and no one is critical hurt.

The assistant director of operations at London Ambulance Service reported to media that they received the news of blast at about 8.20.

They immediately sent the rescue teams as well as the ambulances, their first priority to save the life and according to response teams that first medical team arrived in five minutes after the incident at station.

People were running away from the train as they heard the sound of blast, according to passengers of the underground station that many of them have survived while when blast occurred.

A white bag was burning with fire as picture has revealed and people were coming with grazes and small injuries.

Police is investigating the cause to find out the reasons behind this incident while some of are calling it as terrorist attack, according to police chief, many people have wounded and all of them are safe now.

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