Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

Madonna’s Son Rocco, 17, Steals Her Beauty Products

Madonna got shocked as her own son Rocco stole mother’s beauty products as serum, mask, lotion, and cream, what you thing guys, does that sound goods son of a millionaire personality do like this act.  


The 59-year-old revealed her 17-year-old boy from her former husband, filmmaker Guy Ritchie, bagged silently her new four-in-one product called ‘The Reinvention Cream’ such as cream, mask, lotion and serum,  in one product.

The hitmaker of “Bitch I’m Madonna” revealed by herself that her son Rocco, 17, feels good to use his mother, that what is something that everyone love to see, hence Madonna loves her son’s mischievous acts and feels proud of this.

She said in one of her latest interviews that Rocco loves to hand her beauty products , even sometimes entered her bathroom and steal all of skin-care products.

She also added saying that it seems to be really funny to discover a 17-year-old son asking, Mom, can I take more serum? Because it needs some more face wash.

Madonna also told that it really appears to hilarious, while her21-year-old daughter, Lourdes adores  them, one of the finest vocalists in the world feel like she is getting nods of authorization from public from all walks of life and it is not just woman either.

She also mentioned it is not done by her daughter, hence feels little embarrassing or something kind funny, added saying that Madonna does advise to her children on regular basis to stay away from smoking.

Madonna cares about her all children as the 12-year-old Mercy and David, 5-year-old Estere and Stelle, treats all like a good guardian because they need it at this stage of life, guidance is necessary for them to survive well in this crazy world. She also criticizes their drinking over the normal level.

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