Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

Malaysia School Fire: At Least 24 People Killed In Islamic School Including Students And Staff

At least 24 people have killed in Malaysian school fire, according to reports, more are the teenage students who have lost their lives in fire and there are number of staff members of the school that have burned on Thursday in capital.

It is said by the school management that fire started at around 5.40 a.m. in the top story while building has the three story.

The teenage boys were crying for the help when they were caught by the fire, at least 24 have killed in which most of the small boys are included and some staff members who have also in the building.

Fire broke out at very early in morning while at that time most of the students were sleeping in top story, all the boys aged from 13 to 17.

According to neighbors of the school that teenage students were crying loudly and they cried for the help and the windows of their rooms was barred.

According to school management that most of the windows of their rooms were made of metal grills, after the fire they were crying help but at the time there was no one for their help.

Because all the neighbors and most of the staff members were sleeping and their crying situation is looking like thundering of sky as sad by neighbors.

The police arrived on the incident place at the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah for investigation, according to initial; reports, 24 have killed while more of them died due to smoke inhalation and in the dead people two teachers are included.

It is an Islamic School where teenage boys came for to learn Quran from different areas, they were here for great Islamic purpose which is called as “Hifz-e- Quran” and dozens have dead due to fire.

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