Published On: Sat, Sep 29th, 2018

Maternity Nightgown Help With Sleeping Comfort

As you progress in your pregnancy, you may feel the most difficult feat is to get a good night’s sleep. Suddenly it’s very hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in for any period of time.


Once you get past your first trimester you can no longer sleep on your belly and you’re not supposed to sleep on your back to assure the baby gets enough oxygen which leaves only side sleeping.

Most doctors recommend that women sleep on their left sides, so after tossing and turning to find the perfect position you only end up on your left side again. Other factors also play into the sleep deprivation saga such as increased pressure on your bladder by the baby which causes you to make frequent bathroom trips during the night.

There are other discomforts too such as fluid accumulation in your legs, muscle cramps, and achy hips and joints. Finally, there’s the little baby inside of you waking up during the night and getting his nightly exercise by kicking you a little harder each night to keep you awake.

So, what is a mother to be to do to get a good night’s rest? Well, aside from trying out a lot of pillows in vain for the ultimate comfort solution and drinking warm milk during the night, there aren’t a lot of other choices.

One thing you can do is buy some comfortable maternity pajamas so at least your night clothes are not one more irritating hindrance to getting a good night’s rest. Here are some recommendations for maternity sleepwear:

When you invest in maternity sleepwear, buy maternity pajamas or maternity nightgowns that can also be worn after you have the baby for nursing. Chances are you will not fit back into your pre-pregnancy pajamas in the weeks following your baby’s birth and you will need a little more room in the chest, belly, and hips for a number of months.


If you prepare on nursing, do yourself a good deed and buy nursing nightgown. You will find midnight nursing is much easier for both you and your baby when your baby can quickly find its food source and not get lost in non-nursing nightgowns and pajamas.

When you are half asleep in the dark it will be much more comfortable for you to nurse your baby in nursing pajamas than struggle with your baby in awkward positions in sleepwear without nursing access while juggling a hungry newborn who is still learning how to get a proper latch.

If you are more of a nightgown person, then take a look at Belabumbum’s maternity and nursing nightgown collection. Belabumbum has some super cute styles that you can wear during and after your pregnancy and all come with nursing access.

The blue dot and pink dot nursing chemises are soft cotton silhouettes with adjustable straps and have matching cotton dot wrap robes that can be purchased separately.

Indulging in comfortable sleepwear for maternity and nursing is something small you can do for yourself to help you get a good night’s sleep when you are pregnant and ease the challenge of nighttime nursing after you have your baby.

Small comforts can go a long way to easing your pregnancy discomforts and making life easier for both you and your baby from the start. You can find some great nursing nightie and nursing nightgown options on sites such as

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