Published On: Thu, Nov 30th, 2017

Matt Lauer Misconduct Allegations: NBC Receives At Least Two New Complaints

Sexual harassment cases are increasing in the country, now NBC channel has fired the television star co host, Matt Lauer of profitable franchise, “Today” after the inappropriate misconduct allegations of sexual behavior with subordinate on Wednesday.


The television star has fired by the channel on Wednesday as NBC told that when a woman came to them on Monday to tell about the interactions with him while now they have decided to get him out, the fall down of Matt has started and he is accused of sexual harassment case.

The American television journalist Matthew Todd Lauer has been fired as he was the host of The Today Show from 1997 to 2017 as well as Matt was the contributor for Dateline NBC while he has served as the news anchor for The Today Show from 1994 to 1997.

He was the anchor of WNBC in New York City and also served as local talk-show host in Bosto but now he is accused of sexual harassment allegations.

In the America, the prominent firings are there because of sexual harassment cases, a number of stars have been fired because they violated the United States Sexual laws and they lost their lives due to misconduct with female staffs.

NBC news chief wrote in a memo that it is the first time that they received the complaints about their morning host star Matt Lauer on Monday as a woman approached him to tell the interactions with him and she was sexually harassed by him.

According to the focal person who is dealing the case that the channel received at least two other complaints about his misconduct with his subordinate, the channel has decided to fire him on the sexual harassment allegations and Matt has been fired on Wednesday.

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