Published On: Mon, Jul 16th, 2018

Mexican President Shows Great Concern For Separated Migrant Families, Impels Pompeo To Reunite Them

When the US delegation directed by the State Secretary Mike Pompeo visited Mexico City on Friday, the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto impelled Pompeo to rapidly reunite the migrants who were parted from their parents and families at the border.


Pompeo visited Mexico, along with other officials, with a goal in his mind to restore and strengthen the relations with Mexico.

The main goal was to discuss ways to fight the criminal organisations, the opioid US epidemic and trade tensions between the two states. But instead the meetings greatly revolved around the migration to US from Mexico’s northern border.

The president met with the United State officials on Friday at his residence. The delegation also included Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Steven Mnuchin and Kristjen Nielson, the Homeland Security Secretary.

Pena Nieto demanded for a long-staying and a permanent alternative that focuses on the prosperity of the minorities and also ensures that their rights are protected.

In a statement, he showed his concern for the 92-year old man living in California who was recently attacked by a woman with a brick. The woman also told the old man to go back to his country.

According to Pena Nieto, such happenings strongly surface an environment of hatred and discrimination that we ought to stay away from.

Relations between America and Mexico have worsened to a large extent under Trump’s rule as Donald Trump pressed to build a border wall and also blamed Mexico for economic troubles in his country. Pena Nieto also belayed an official visit to the US White House due to the border wall matter.

However, on Friday, the climate was less searing as Pompeo declared Mexico their friends and neighbours and also assured that US is obligated to ensure safety on both sides of the border.

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