Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2018

Mika Singh’s Foster Child Suspected Of Theft At Singer’s Residence, Arrested By Delhi Police

A man alleged of stealing valuables and money from vocalist Mika Singh’s residence was reportedly captured by Delhi police on Wednesday.


Mika Singh, who is a lead singer and a bigwig of the Bollywood industry, had a big knockback few days ago when his house was robbed Sunday afternoon.

According to higher police official Shailash Pasalwad, the singer’s manager made contact with the local police and revealed about the theft at Mika Singh’s dwelling in Oshiwara.

He also reported that the thief had taken away an amount of 1 lac rupees and jewellery valuing almost 2 lac rupees.

The police officials identified and hunt down the suspect with the help of a fairly damaged CCTV camera footage.

The suspect, who has been assisting the singer since long time, fled to Delhi straight away after perpetrating the crime however, the authorities kept looking for him and after a search of two days; he was captured by the police, all thanks to his phone records.

Delhi police will soon handover the accused to Oshiwara police, said Zone DCP Paramjit Singh.

Reports say that the police have identified the indicted person and he comes out to be a 27 year old Delhi citizen, Ankit Vasan.

Some sources also reveal a shocking and surprising fact that Ankit was Mika Singh’s brought up child who was adopted by the singer when he was just 5 years old.

Ankit was not only raised well by Mika but also given a podium to display his talents, as he often played piano at Mika’s musical concerts and was always a part of Mika’s team.

In spite of this, Ankit was displeased with Mika lately because he wouldn’t permit him to perform in some musicals, sources say.

Mika is still silent on the subject and has not yet made any statement.

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