Published On: Sat, Jul 14th, 2018

MI’s Special Agent Ethan Hunt To Visit Kashmir, Mission Impossible Fallout

Special agent Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise, is to land in the valley of Kashmir to save the world from an incoming disaster in the latest film of spy series Mission Impossible.


When an epidemic is spread out in various parts of the world, also including Kashmir, Ethan Hunt makes journey to Kashmir along with his team in order to lessen the danger which is threatening a large number of populations.

It is reported to be the final of the Mission Impossible series. Cast of the film, however did not go to Kashmir as the scenes were created in New Zealand.

The valley of New Zealand was changed into a small village of Kashmir to serve the purpose. Director Christopher McQuarrie told IANS that they desired to shoot the film in Kasmir but authorisations hindered in the way.

He also added that they wouldn’t have been permitted to shoot a helicopter chase scene any place other than New Zealand. McQuarrie pictured New Zealand as a pleasant and harmless country.

Mission Impossible_Fallout is the sixth and final film of the spy, thrill series, which started in 1996. All of the films are based on the adventures of a special agent named Ethan Hunt.

The recent installment shows Ethan’s trueness and loyalty being doubted by CIA, Central Intelligence Agency. During the same time, he is being chased by ruthless killers as he tries to finish his mission.

The 6th MI installment Fallout also includes many references to India as well as indian army. Cruise also has a special likeness for India as he went to the country in 2011 to promote his film MI Ghost Protocol, where he also visited TajMahal in Agra.

The MI Fallout director also told that he would love to go to India to shoot another film or project.

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