Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

Moon Jae Says That North Korea Nuclear Programs Can Destroy Too Quickly

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in a press conference in Philippine that North Korea is under the huge international pressure regarding their nuclear programs and this there could be peace if North Korea wanted to have table talks.


During Asian Summit in Philippine, the South Korean president spoke to media that North Korean issue has become the international as the country is facing the high pressures.

Their nuclear power are very dangerous which are developed for the destruction and the pressures can be reduced by only one way and that is table talks with the other countries.

The President Moon clearly said to North Korea that their nuclear programs are very developed that can destroy them too quickly while as tensions have increased in the region.

So there is only solution for peace and the table talks about to give up the nuclear programs while he said during the Asian Summit on November 14 in a press conference.

In recent days, the North Korean minister said that country will never let down their nuclear program.

While according to reports that they think that these programs are very essential for their defense, Pyongyang has said in a number of times for a nuclear war against the United Staes.

Tensions are increasing with the passage of the day between the United States and North Korea as now US navy has sent their three aircraft carriers in Western Pacific for the military drills and this is the cause of increase the anger of Pyongyang.

Again in a letter to UN, North Korea said that US is creating the worst situation by running military exercise in Pacific, may be this will lead to nuclear war and South Korea is also involved in these exercise.

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