Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2018

More Than 25 People Killed In Syria Car Bomb Attach In Busy Market

Yesterday on 7-january-2018 a massive car bombing attack happened in Adlib, the death has risen to at least more than 25 people while almost 100 were wounded. Adlib is the capital of the same province which is controlled by al-Qaida-Linked groups.

More Than 25 People Killed In Syria Car Bomb Attach In Busy Market.jpg

Though it was not clear who was behind the attack because there were no sounds of any coming air-strikes, according to a local activist they believed that it was a car bomb attack.

Moreover the Britain-based observatory for human rights said that “this attack was focused on those displaced people who were fighting in the rich-oil province and they gathered at the Eastern-bank of Euphrates River. They said at least 30 people were dead till now and dozens of people are still wounded.

On Saturday, Syrian and allied forces gathered to hold on IS fighters in the border town of Albu-Kamal where this attack took place and is also called ” Deir Ezzor“, which was the last Syrian city where still had a presence of IS.

While Abdel Rahman, observatory head said that “the victims shattered in Deir Ezzor province where SDF is attacking IS on eastern bank of the Euphrates, and at other side the Russian backed Syrian forces are still battling jihadists on the western bank of River.

The observatory, which monitors Syria’s war through network sources said, rescue teams were working to pulled out those people who are still stuck under the damaged buildings.

Some reports suggest it was a car attack while some say it was a drone attack. Sonia Khush, Syria director at the ‘ save the children’ charity said “an estimated 350,000 people have fled the fights in Deir Ezzor province half of them children.”

She further said that “the situation in the city bleak with civilians trapped between the fights and often caught cross fire while several people remain uncounted for Russia drone attack on Syria base, Idlib province on the border with Turkey.

Iis the last major bolding of the forces opposing President Bashar-al-Assad. It has been seen many clashes attacks in recent week in Idlib, where army pushed to hold on a road between Damascus and Aleppo”.

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