Published On: Thu, Jul 26th, 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive IOS Apps on the App Store 2019

There are about thousands of apps for the IOS app store, and believe it or not every day hundreds of new apps are being made.

These days you will find a app for everything on the store from shopping apps, to picture editing apps, Different browsers, various media players, photography apps, to some very popular social media apps like Instagram Facebook with thousands of people downloading them every day.

These are amongst the free apps on the appstore, but there are just as many paid application as well. These paid apps range from about $1.99 US Dollars to wait-for-it thousands of dollars as well.

The higher end apps can only be afforded by the richest of the rich and the apps are specifically created for people like those.

The top 10 most expensive IOS Apps on the App Store 2019.

10: TouchChat AAC -WordPower – $300

TouchChat AAC- WordPower is an amazing application that is built with a purpose. This application was created to facilitate the people with some disabilities and who are unable to express themselves often, like those suffering from Autism, Downs Syndrome, ALS etc. The purpose of the app is to provide these people with all the vocabulary, words, phrases that they would require to communicate and express themselves easily. A plus point is that this app can be connected to social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. For all the people that require an app like that and if it really helps them, than this $300 Dollars is definitely worth it for them.


09: Agro – $300

Agro is another useful app that is available at the app store for a very high price of $300 Dollars. This is specifically designed for a particular niche that is the agronomy industry. For those of you who don’t know what Agronomy is, it is the science and technology of how to use plants in such a way that it benefits the humanity. This app has facilitated the agronomist since its creation by helping them keep all their client details and inspection reports organized in one place, and in doing so saving them a lot of time and cost as well.


08: Tap Menu – $400

Tap Menu is another very interesting app particularly useful for the restaurant, café, bars, salon owner and even various shop owners. This App helps to digitalize the menu and the customer is able to select their order only with a tap. All you have to do is update create an account and design a catalog or menu, you can even add picture to make it more interesting. This has proved to be a very useful application for people all around the world and that is the reason for its immense popularity. However with a price tag of about $400 Dollars it is one of the top 10 most expensive IOS apps on the app store in 2018.


07: DDS GP Yes! – $500

DDS GP Yes! Is a very interesting IOS App that can be found on the App store. What makes this app so interesting that it is intended to basically bridge the communication gap between a dentist and often a scared patient. There are a lot of times when we go to a dentist regarding a complaint and have no idea what the particular solution for that problem is. Many people are scared of going the dentists basically due to a lack of knowledge, however this application facilitates the communication and explanation of the procedure by the dentist to the patient.


06: KGulf- $500

KGulf is a very odd application that was created as an IOS App on the App store for a particular minority who are interested in knowing about the Arabian Gulf and the Kuwait Waters and how they have changed over the years. It claims to create information and updated regarding how the water levels have changed over the years ranging from the year 1975 to potentially the year 2035. Hence it does not only show an hourly up-to date current records, but can also accurately predict the changes which are to occur in the future. Hence for $500 US Dollars, you get a proper hydrodynamic model in 2D.


05: App.Cash- $1000

App.Cash is Cashier application which claims to have an all-purpose cashier system.They don’t have any details and information regarding the app on the app store, however it happens to have quite a few user that use this application regularly. App.Cash is also supposed to be connected to a printer so you can print out all the receipts and the cash reports whenever you can, and that is a plus point for its users. Moreover the application was also updated recently. For a price of $1000 US Dollars for a Cashier Application this is one of the top 10 most expensive IOS Apps on the App store 2018.


04: QSFFStats – $1000

QFFStats is another IOS app that is available on the app store for a very high price of $1000 US Dollars. The main purpose of the app is to keep track of Flag Football. It lets to keep a proper track of all the games, the scores, passing, receiving and yards. However an important thing to know is that this particular app has not been updated since June 2011, hence it is quite outdated. Another thing to know is that now there are quite a few apps that are available that charge way less than QSFFStats and might even give you a more details and updated track record of the Flag Football Games.


03: CyberTuner – $1000

CyberTuner is a very well recognized Guitar tuning app all over the world. It took almost 3 years for this application to be created, designed and introduced in the market, showing just how hard the makers have worked on it. During this time musicians all over the world were asked to help design the app and test of the tuning guidelines were accurate or not. What makes this application great is that it is easy to understand and implement. However in order to get regular updates the users are required to pay an amount of $80 US Dollars every year.


02: VIP Black – $1000

As the name “VIP Black” suggests this application is created specifically for the wealthiest of the wealthy or in other words “Very Important People”. If the name and price alone were not enough to determine the kind of audience and the users for this particular application, the app maker has made sure that at the time of signing up the user confirms that he has a very high net worth so much so that they have to have an income of at least a 100 million pounds. This makes it one of the top 10 most expensive IOS apps on the App store 2018.


01: LogMeIn Ignition – $1,400

The LogMeln Ignition Application is worth a total of about $1400 US Dollars. The reason for this application being so expensive is because this legacy based application that is most often used by only those that are have been old users of the app. Although it is still available to the new users and also available online but because of the price reasons no one would be willing to pay so much except the wealthiest. However this app is most often used on a subscription based pricing and this is exactly what the company intends.


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