Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

Myanmar Violence: At Least 6700 Killed In Rohingya As MSF Reported

According to doctor reports that at least 6700 have been killed in Rohingya by Myanmar security forces during last month violence and while it is reported that about 730 children are included in those who are burned or beaten and dead.


It is reported that during the violence in Myanmar between August and September about 6700 people have been killed by Rohingya Security forces while a huge number of children also included in this killing, a survey in refugee camps in Bangladesh told that Rohingya people are more there than Myanmar.

Rohingya is a state where from recent months hundreds of people have been killed by security forces, the whole world was shocked to see this brutal act against the civilians.

according to a survey that a huge number of refugee exist in Bangladesh and that numbers is more than Myanmar.

Myanmar government has denied the news that these all killed by military, they said that terrorist groups are involved in killing of Rohingya Muslims but experts and evidences showed that this fight was on faith base.

Myanmar is a state of Buddhist, so they did not accept the existence of Muslims in their country and killed hundreds residents along women and children.

The results of aid survey reported that about 647,000 Rohingya people have fled to Bangladesh in order to save their lives since August due to violence in Rakhine state.

While it is showed that between August and September at least 9,000 Muslims were killed in Myanmar as well as in Burma but government denied all these allegations of killing citizens.

At least 67, 00 deaths are recorded since August in Myanmar due to violence while about 730 children are also included in this numbers who were killed, burnt or beaten and that all under age of five.

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