Published On: Sat, Mar 23rd, 2019

Namecheap Review

As an online marketer, you will need to find a good hosting domain registrar,especially if your business plan includes building many websites. It’s not unusual to hear of web business owners who use the services of several registrars so they can be more flexible with their domains. Selecting a registrar calls for taking into consideration a number of different aspects.


It’s obvious that price is important, but so is the type of service they provide and the ease with which you can maintain your numerous domains in their system. One extremely popular domain registrar is Namecheap; keep reading to get an idea of the experience you can anticipate should you choose their services.


opened its doors in 2000 and right now they have over half a million customers and two million domains registered with them. This is surely something to keep in mind as it gives you the assurance that this company knows what they’re doing and obviously does it well. If you would like to do price comparisons it is helpful if you know what else a registrar has to offer. In particular, in the case of Namecheap they now offer cost-free Namecheap hosting privacy protection for one year with new domain registrations. They also provide monthly online coupons which they tell you about in their monthly newsletters. So, price comparisons entail reviewing features side by side.

When you use the

Namecheap site, you can look forward to a very positive user experiences a result of recent site update. When you do a search for new domain names, it is not difficult to find out which of the most popular domain extensions are still available and an additional feature supplies you with alternative premium domain options that you can acquire if you’re ready to invest more.

Namecheap has an incredibly user-friendly purchase process and you’re not going to be hit with the multiple up sell promotions that a few other registrars use. Namecheap has long been about making things simple and they have been successful in this regard.


it comes to controlling your domains once you have paid for them, you will find that once again this all quite easy. You’ll get sufficient notice of expiring domains and will be able to view these in your domain list anytime that you sign in to your account.

Registrar support is crucial, particularly if a problem occurs and you need help immediately. Namecheap does offer a 24/7 support system and live chat is available if necessary. Additionally, they keep their social media readers notified, thus providing professional client service.

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