Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Nepal’s Plane Crash Left 49 Dead, Worst In Decades

On Monday, a Bangladeshi plane crashed and flared up close to Kathmandu airport, caused of forty-nine deaths on board, is considered one of the worst aviation disasters in about three  decades.


According to officials’ statement, 71 people were on board the US-Bangla Airlines plane from Dhaka at what time it crashed just east of the runway to hit Nepal, and fell down badly into close to football field.

However, soon after the incident, rescue crew turned the location and started pulling people out from the smashed and burnt debris of the upturned plane, while to a number of victims had to bury under the spread out wreckage.

Manoj Neupanem, spokesman for police, told media that 22 of whom were on board are being treated in hospital, while some are in critical situation.

Although forty lost their breaths at the spot, but nine died after reaching at two hospitals in Kathmandu.

Nevertheless, no one reported the real cause so far behind the worst plane crash, although the airport authorities have explained in statement that the aircraft suddenly lost its control as it came in to land.

Although one eyewitness also told that the worst crash by carrying out a second approach towards the airport.

Suddenly flared up but trying to overcome the spoiled condition, fell down badly in a football ground next to the runway.

On other side, one of the airport officials told a report on condition of anonymity, the incident occurred just because of some confusion between the pilot and air traffic control over which runway the plane was destined to land on.

Gokul Bhandaree, spokesperson for Nepal Army, said that he has fear the plane may have hit another one, but fortunately the pilot of the aircraft pulled the plane up.

Although couldn’t save it in spite of all possible efforts. He added seven of 49 survived the crash, though lost their breaths reaching at hospitals because of severe injuries.

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