Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2018

New Secretary Of State Pompeo Lands At Brussels To Join Nato Allies

A day after taking oath as the new US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo landed at Brussels to join talk table with key allies in Europe on enhancing Russian violence, as well as ways to strengthen the NATO army alliance.


A former Army officer, Pompeo was a Republican congressman, and is considered as a loyal supporter of US President Donald Trump with hawkish world point of views. The former CIA director has already engaged in US diplomacy on Thursday before his confirmation.

Though after taking charge of his post, Pompeo is on way to join talks table first time at NATO, an organization discovered on combined defense against the danger from the former Soviet Union.

A State Department official explained in his latest report, although the meeting is a reflection to the meeting of leaders in July, in which these all will be discussing aggression from Russia in Ukraine, Syria and Georgia including strategies to boost security along southern frontier of Europe.

To join members of the alliance to enhance military budgets to hit a target of 2 percent of economic productivity on defense every year by 2024, will be main concern for Pompeo during talks table, official added saying.

The United States president ordered Pompeo moving towards North Korea three weeks ago to join the isolated country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, who is going to lead a summit with the US president to press nuclear program of Pyongyang.

On Thursday, Pompeo took off from homeland towards planned nations to meet their senior leaders including Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan during his seven days longer visit.

The State Department will have talked about long conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan and other international issues as well as Russian interruption in other matters.

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