Published On: Mon, Apr 23rd, 2018

Nicaragua Calls Off Social Security Changes After Unrest Causes 26 Deaths

Nicaragua’s police officials have taken custody a number of people during the demonstrations against revisions proposed by the government of President Daniel Ortega, while so many were wounded.


Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has decided to cancel changes to the social security system of the nation on Sunday night that set off uprisings which caused the deaths of about 26 people since Wednesday.

However, overhaul had required to troubled social security system of Nicaragua with a mixture of increased taxes and reduced advantages.

Human rights groups quoted about left 26 people in a number of days of conflicts. Some people have robbed dozens of superstores in Managua, the capital.

Ortega quoted in his latest a televised statement on Sunday night, the incidents of hostility are regrettable reason why the government doesn’t allow for unrest, chaos, riots, crimes and looting in this nation.

Journalist Angel Gahona, at night hours in a rough video footage, appears wearing jeans and a blue shirt, carrying a cell-phone and describes as he moves toward the facade of city hall in Bluefields, reporting live through Facebook on demonstrations that have stirred up the Central American nation for four days.

However, after that sound of shooting was heard Gahona left lifeless and slumping to the curb, though some people were calling his name and a person of those took a piece of cloth to press his head struggling to prevent the stream of blood.

Ileana Lacayo another journalist from Bluefields, municipality in Nicaragua, confirm confirms he lost his breath before reaching the medical center to get all possible treatment to secure his life.

Mauri Hernandez, who is one of thousands of protestors at a central rotunda, told media reporters that all demonstrators are in streets demanding to Ortega and his wife to leave the ruling, though the circumstances went beyond the social security issue already.

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