Published On: Wed, Aug 16th, 2017

Nigeria Suicide Attack: Bombers Killed 28 While 82 Are Wounded In Northeastern Nigeria

Almost 28 has killed and 82 are injured in a suicide attack, it is reported that a women blew herself in the town of Mandarari in a camp of displaced people and the suicide attack took place on Tuesday in the area of North East Nigeria.



According to a report, a women suicide bomber blew her outside of displace people camp, there was a huge crowd, the suicide attack took place in the town of Mandarari on Tuesday.

Due to bomb blast 28 people have died while dozens of the people have injured which have transferred to hospitals for treatment and some are in critical situation.

Nigeria is a country in West Africa, the secular democratic country is a developing country, the capital of the nation is Abuja.

On Tuesday in a refugee camp a women blew herself in a suicide bomb blast which has killed dozens of lives and according to reports about 82 are wounded.

The region is in trouble as state of north east Nigeria has shuttered with bomb blast, the country is facing many troubles from a long time, one of the main hurdles for the country is terrorism which is spreading globally and now Nigeria is under attack.

The attack took place 25 kilo meters from Maiduguri town on Tuesday in a refugee camp, member of a vigilante force, Baba Kura has said in a statement that they will fight with militants and now according to him three women blew themselves outside the camp which has taken many lives of displaced people.

Baba Kura said that when the sound of explosion heard by the public, they closed their shops and ran away from than place, on that time the other two women triggered their explosion and according to government officials they will take the revenge from militants.

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