Published On: Thu, Feb 22nd, 2018

Nigerian Armed Forces Save 76 Schoolgirls After Claimed Boko Haram Attack

Foreigner news agencies have reported that Nigerian military officials have announced statement that they rescued 76 schoolgirls as well as also recovered the bodies of two other students who lost after Boko Haram claimed attack.


Babagana Umar, who is one of the parents whose daughter had abducted, told media reporters, after reaching home back, all schoolgirls made a lot of joy along with their family members, even sang songs and praised a lot to God almighty.

However, single bad news is that two of the kidnapped schoolgirls were discovered dead, while the security forces refused to explain about dead bodies to media. Although, it also is said to be.

A sight of fear remained around the region from where the one of the dangerous militant organizations in the world disappeared the Government Girls College on Monday.

It also is reported to be that Islamist fighters were after to hand school food supplies, even though they haven’t decided to take teachers or students with them, authorities told media.

When Boko Haram’s militants raided the boarding school, situated in the northeastern town of Dapchi, it had been reported that they have taken nearly 100 female students to their dark places.

The group of the Jihadists suddenly turned the school campus, even released explosives, shootings, after coming having twelve vehicles with heavy arms.

It also had told to media that teacher and students from the boarding school run away into the surrounding bush as their attack stirred up at the place, though dozens have not spotted since it happened.

Nobody has idea how many students were abducted and what kind of circumstances they have been facing so far while undergoing hold of the Islamist fighters.

A spokesman for governor of Yobe state, Mr. Abdullahi Bego made public on late hours on Monday that a number of the female students from the boarding school had been taken back home safely with the help of the Nigerian army.

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