Published On: Mon, Dec 18th, 2017

North Korea Claims, US Military Exercises To Snatch Nuclear Weapons From State

United States with South Korea conducted another military drills as the threats of nuclear war are increasing while one other side North Korea claims that US exercised for snatching nuclear weapons from rogue state and China with Russia designed the air defense exercises.


The war threats are increasing as the days are passing, South Korea exercised that how to snatch nuclear weapons from North Korea with US military second time this month which shows the alarming situation as Pyongyang claims and as the tensions are increasing in region China has conducted the air defense exercises with Russia.

According to a South Korean news agency that the military has conducted another military drill at Camp Stanley where hundreds of soldiers participated from both US and South military.

While this camp is situated in Seoul which is a military camp and contain about 5000 soldiers and this exercise ran from Tuesday to Friday.

War threats are increasing from this month start as in recent days North Korea conducted another more advanced nuclear weapons as experts claimed that this intercontinental ballistic missile can hit the whole US mainland and the neighbor countries are preparing for the future war conditions.

The neighbor countries of North Korea faced the tensions and war threats as China along Russia conducted the air defense exercises in order to combat the future nuclear war challenges which are trying to destroy the world peace.

North Korea claimed that United States military designed another military drill with South Korea which ran from Tuesday to Friday in order to snatch the nuclear weapons from North Korea at Camp Stanley which is situated in Seoul while a large number of soldiers took part in this drill and neighbor countries are preparing themselves to deal with future threat.

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