Published On: Sat, Feb 3rd, 2018

North Korea Gets $200M In 9 Months Despite Sanctions, UN Experts Claim

United Nations experts reported that North Korea succeed to earn about $200 million just in nine months even after the imposition of the sanctions by security council last year while many countries including China, Russia and Malaysia failed to control the illegal exports.


The sanctions were imposed by the United Nation, European Union and US last year over North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

Pyongyang is capable to collect 200 million dollars in less than one year despite of sanctions and it is reported about the evidences of military co-operation of North Korea with Syria and Myanmar.

Between January and September 2017, the sanctions to prohibit the export of mostly North Korean commodities but a report is submitted to Security Council by a UN experts that beside these all sanctions.

Many countries have failed to stop Pyongyang for illegal exports of goods and they have earned a huge amount in less than one year which shows that they are still influencing the world financial system.

Oil and Gas products were the main hit points of the UN Sanctions but they have failed to stop the illegal exports.

While many international oil companies are under investigation of this illegally exported products to North Korea and Pyongyang’s military is cooperating with Syria and Myanmar to increase the army power.

UN experts reported that North Korean diplomats have played a important role in prohibited programs of the country while besides of sanctions.

Pyongyang is still able to collect $200 millions in just nine months, this report has increased the United Nations tensions because many countries have failed to successfully imply the sanctions including China, Malaysia and Russia.

It is said in report that with the use of evasion techniques, the North Korean coal had transferred to China, Malaysia, South Korea, Russia and Vietnam.

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