Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

North Korea Hit By More Sanctions, South Korea, US And Japan Start The Missile Drills

New sanctions have been imposed on North Korea in order to cut the weapon funds while South Korea and Japan have started joint exercise to track down the missiles from Pyongyang after the longest range missile test in recent days.


After the North Korean test of advanced intercontinental ballistic missile in recent days, the tensions in the world have increased as it covers the whole US mainland which is their longest range missile.

With Japan and South Korea United States has declared a joint missile tracking exercise for Pyongyang’s missiles and it comes less than two weak of their ICBM test.

The world is facing the high level of war tensions because of the North Korea as they are increasing their nuclear power in a very fast way, in recent days they made an successful test of new intercontinental ballistic missile.

It is more advanced than ever they made and according to experts that now Pyongyang can hit the whole United States.

According to the Seoul’s defence ministry that South Korea, Japan and United States are going to start a joint military drills to track down the North Korean missiles near the Peninsula.

While this exercise will be for two days in which they will join their hands to share the information about Pyongyang missiles.

It is informed by defense ministry that Aegis warships will be included from each country in this missile drills while two US ships are taking part in joint exercises near Japan and North Korean peninsula.

The Aegis warships will detect the potential ballistic missiles of North Korea as well as they will track down and the countries will share the information with each other as it is confirmed by the Seoul’s ministry.

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