Published On: Tue, Nov 28th, 2017

North Korea Nuclear Power: Russia Suggests To North Korea For Denuclearization

The Russian deputy foreign minister said that North Korea should take some steps toward the denuclearization and the further he said to US that Trump must change his point of view toward Kim.


Igor Morgulov told reporters in Seoul on Monday that the North Korea restrained for the two months on the freeze road map that is provided by the foreign ministers of China and Russia.

While he further said that the country suggests to Pyongyang about the denuclearization for the peace of world.

The foreign minister released the statements in a press conference that Russian and Chinese foreign ministers proposed a more freeze road map while this map plan should be accept by North Korea and this way they can be restrained in their nuclear power.

He further spoke about the South Korean and United States military drills that were occupied in the Pacific near the North Korea peninsula but in response, US said that such exercises are the part of nature.

North Korea and United States have many clashes with each other while the conflicts have taken the serious shape.

Both countries are talking about the nuclear war while due to their war talks the region has facing the tension raising conditions.

According to the foreign minister that US military has rejected this proposal because they did not want the conditions, they said that military drills are for their defense cause and they took the exercise in a decade with aircrafts.

In September, North Korea fired their missile over the Japan, which gave the heat to the situation while at that the first provocation was there on them.

The foreign ministers are trying for peace environment and on Monday Russian deputy said that they suggest Korea to take some steps for denuclearization.

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