Published On: Tue, Dec 19th, 2017

North Korea Of Mounting Wannacry Cyberattack As United States Blames

The homeland security adviser to President Donald Trump is said that North Korea is responsible for the cyberattack due to which hospitals, banks and companies went down worldwide in May and billions of cost is beard by organizations.


The war threats have been increased as due to increase in tensions between two powerful countries North Korea and United States, now US blamed that Kim Jong’s regime is involved in the global cyberattack which results in the billions cost and many hospitals banks as well as several companies beard the cost.

The world knew the reasons behind the scenes of clash between North Korea and United States, due to which war threats have been increased in the world, many of times both powerful countries have warned each other for the nuclear attack which is a harmful way of talk for the peace of world.

It is blamed by Homeland security adviser of United States that North Korea has made a global cyber attack in May due to which more than 200,000 computers were affected while the attack was made in 150 countries using 27 languages and a huge cost was paid by that organizations in result of this attack.

In recent days North Korea has made an successful test of intercontinental ballistic missile which can even hit the whole US mainland as experts said while on other side US showed their anger on this test and many new sanctions have been imposed on North Korea by state department while now North Korea was blamed for another threat.

The White House statement about the hacking capabilities of North Korea and about their nuclear programs, this shows the worries about the war threats and now Kim Jong government is blamed for global cyber attack

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