Published On: Thu, Nov 16th, 2017

North Korea Says At UN That Three Aircrafts Of US Navy Created Worst Situation

Over the presence of three aircrafts carrier near the North Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang wrote a letter to the general secretary of United Nations that US is creating the worst situation ever in the region and this pushes them toward the nuclear war.


US Navy pushed their three aircrafts near the North Korean Peninsula which is thought to be the direct warnings to their enemy while in response of these exercises.

North sent a letter to the UN secretary general that nuclear war threat on the heads and in anytime there can be a nuclear was because of such a worst situation that has created by America in region.

In a decade US sent their aircrafts in the Western Pacific between the Japan as well as South Korea, the three aircrafts had joined by the South Korean some warships as well as by their naval military.

It is a way of America to show to force to their enemy North Korea and this has created tensions that military exercise are going near the Pyongyang Peninsula.

The three aircrafts he USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz joined the exercises on Sunday which has alarmed the situation in the region.

While the military drills have been started from Saturday and will go on till Tuesday while Naval forces of south Korea have joined the drills along the Japanese warships which is a big threat to North Korea.

North Korea has showed their anger by sending a letter to the United Nations that US has created a worst situation in the region by sending three aircrafts of the 100,000-ton behemoths in Western Pacific, according to them that Nuclear was can be in anytime because of this tension raising time.

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