Published On: Thu, Sep 14th, 2017

North Korea Says; The Sanction Over Nuclear Program Is Illegal And Evil By UN

After UN sanctions that have imposed on North Korea, Pyongyang has said that these are illegal that have put on them and according to reports, United Nation security council has imposed sanctions over oil and textile products of the country.

According to North Korean government that the country will accelerate the missiles program with more speed.

They will go on their way with more power as on other side US president Donald Trump has said that these sanctions imposed by UN are no enough because Pyongyang require the more tougher than this while North Korea called these sanctions illegal and evil.

United States requested to United Nation Security Council to impose serious sanctions over North Korea and remembered that this step was taken after the most powerful nuclear test which was held in few days ago by Pyongyang and it is said that this missiles has power equal to America.

In last days North Korea made an successful test of Nuclear missile while according to news that this bomb was a hydrogen bomb of around 250 kilotons which can be fired through ballistic missile.

According to experts it is 16 times more powerful than the bomb that was fell on Hiroshima in 1945 while now Pyongyang has warned the US with their most powerful weapon.

On Monday Pyongyang warned the America that they will face the extreme pain as like they never faced before if UN sanctions was imposed on them and after just some hours on Monday.

United Nation Security Council has decided to put the oil as well as textile products sanctions on the North Korea.

North Korea rejected the sanctions as called evil and illegal by the country and according to officials that they will accelerate their nuclear program with more power.

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