Published On: Sat, Feb 3rd, 2018

North Korean Defectors: Trump To Meet With Defector To Raise Pressure On Kim Jong In Oval Office

US president met with the North Korean defectors on Friday to highlight human rights violations in order to increase the pressure on Kim Jong UN just before a week of start of Olympic Games near North Korean Peninsula.


Trump meeting could alarm the Pyongyang because human rights violations could raised which will increase the North Korean tensions.

United States president welcomed the eight defectors at Oval Office on Friday while six live in South Korea and two others are the citizens of America while this meeting is just highlight the issues.

United States president Donald Trump met with the defectors and allies to raise the pressure on North Korea over their nuclear programmes .

While two days ago Trump addressed the State of the Union and during which he praised the North Korean defector Ji Seong-ho who ran away even when a train ran over his limbs and he was also in the meeting on Friday.

While in his address to State of Union two days ago he said that there are other North Korea defectors who were kept in room while they are very frightened about their safety.

So they are unable to move from room and US planned to increase the pressure on Kim before the Olympics start at North Korean Peninsula.

The president said in his statement that earlier administrations could raised their voices against the violation of human rights by North Korea.

While he hit the Olympics that they will perform well in Olympics and something will be good in back from the Games.

After the two-week Winter Games, United States and South Korea have planned for a joint military exercise near North Korean Peninsula while now Trump planned to increase pressure on Kim Jong UN.

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