Published On: Tue, Dec 5th, 2017

North Korean Missile Fall Apart Near Japan After Blowing Up As Flight Crew Saw

According to a commercial airline crew that flight saw the blowing up the missile which fell apart near Japan and now it is confirmed by Cathay Pacific that ICBM nuclear missile can hit the Washington, D.C. on the US east coast.


The South China Morning reported that they obtained a message from the company that the flight crew saw the missile blowing up which fell apart in the same location of their when flight was on air.

The crew of Cathay Pacific Flight 893 said that the missile have the capability to hit to United States mainland.

It is reported by the company that flight was going from the San Francisco to Hong Kong when crew members saw the missile and they continued their travel even after to see the missile in atmosphere.

North Korea and United States have many clashes due to some conflicts; in recent years both powerful countries are trying to influence each other from the war talks and due to their nuclear war head talks the tensions in the region have increased.

In recent days, North Korea made a successful test of intercontinental ballistic missile which can hit the whole United States mainland as reported by the Korean media.

The experts confirmed the news about its long powerful range and this has increased the threats to America.

The experts reported that this nuclear missile is more advanced in technology as it is more powerful than earlier and this is the first test in two months after the new sanctions that are imposed by US.

About the range as well as about the test, the crew of Cathay Pacific Flight 893 confirmed the news as the company reported that during flight the crew saw the blowing up and fell apart of missile near Japan.

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