Published On: Thu, Dec 21st, 2017

North Korean Soldier Defects: Another Soldier Shot Across Demilitarized Zone

The South Korean official told on Thursday morning that another North Korea soldier is defected on early morning when he tried to cross the border in intensive fog while the low ranked young man got shot across the demilitarized zone between two countries.


It is reported that the North Korea soldier was look like very young about in 20 years age or in early, while at early morning on Thursday he was found across the demilitarized zone where he was defected between two countries, a high security risk border faced another death in heavy fog about 8 a.m.

This is the second time when a North Korea soldier tried to escape to South Korea through heavily guarded border across the DZ between two countries.

The first got the multiple shot on November 13 during his escape try to South and now another defection took place on Thursday morning early morning.

The neighbor countries have many clashes with each other as many of times North Korea has warned to South for nuclear attack while on other side South Korea is helping the United States to take down Pyongyang because US is a big rival of Kim regime which is increasing war threats in the region as experts say.

Due to latest intercontinental ballistic missile test, North Korea has more advanced weapons which can hit the US mainland while in results of this test America conducted military drills with South Korea near the Peninsula and this is reason that south is a big threat to Pyongyang.

On November 13, a North Korea soldier was defected near the highly guarder border where he received multiple shots while again second time another young low ranked soldier defected on Thursday across the demilitarized zone between two countries.

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