Published On: Thu, Jul 19th, 2018

Officials Say IS Suicide Bomber Kills 20 Martyred In Afghanistan

An Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS suicidal blast has martyred at least 20 Afghans in the northern part of the country on Tuesday. The martyred also include a Taliban official, Abdul Qayuom Baqizoi.


Chief Police of a northern Afghanistan province, Sur-i-Pal stated that the suicide blast attacked when a meeting of some village elders with the Taliban authorities was taking place in the area.

Mr. Mohammad Noor, the provincial council chief made a statement which said that the bomb erupted in a mosque at the time of a funeral.

Journalists across the region also reported some explosions in the fellow province of Jawzjan, which mainly targeted Taliban officials.

Recently, Talibans and ISIS officials in Afghanistan have been confronting each other in harsh encounters, following their long-termed enemy hood marked with a fight for territory.

Talibans have constantly refused the ideas of ISIS to set up an Islamic Caliphate in Afghanistan.

Approximately 100 defiant people, including ISIS and Taliban officials, have passed away during recent encounters, Baqizoi stated earlier.

In the previous month, a man who is known to be an ISIS suicide blaster exploded himself at a Taliban gathering.

The Talibans had assembled to celebrate the ceasefire with the Afghan government on the holy event of Islam, Eid ul Fitr. The blast took almost 25 people’s lives, as the local reports said.

United States continuously shows support for the war-ripped country. The U.S. military forces are constantly aiding the Afghani forces in their battle against rebellious Talibans and the ISIS but respected the Afghan’s government’s ceasefire and agreement with Taliban officials last month. Afghanistan’s battle against ISIS never ceased.

Just two days ago, on Monday night, the Talibans opened fire on a police checkpoint in the Arghistan district and as a result nine police officers lost their lives

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