Published On: Mon, Feb 5th, 2018

Olympics Games: North Korea And US Political Games Threat To Olympics

North Korean and United States political games are threaten to the winter Olympic Games while may be South Korean perform well in contributing the peace Olympic Games but these both countries are not behind for making scores.


It is reported that US Vice President Mike Pence will take the father of the late Otto Warmbier who was jailed in North Korea to the Winter Olympic Games ceremony.

It is a move of America to annoy North Korea and may be this will enhance the clashes more between these two countries while South Korea is ready for peace games.

The Winter Olympics Games are going to held on Friday in North Korea while US is still trying to make annoy the Pyongyang with their moves against them.

In earlier days US president met with the North Korean defectors just to raised the human right violation issue and to show how Pyongyang is violating the laws of human peace.

On other side North Korea is planning to send one of most senior official of parliament to South Korea before the starts of Olympic games.

It is reported that Pyongyang will hold a parade of hundreds of troops on Olympics eve with missiles and rockets just to send the message to whole world that Korean military should not to be underestimated.

During the address to State of Union in recent days, US president Donald Trump called out North Korean dictatorship with reference to human rights violations that no state like this oppressed to own people.

He also met in Oval office with the North Korean defectors to put the pressure on Kim Jong UN while this would disturb the Olympics games but Pyongyang has planned to make it successful with the collaboration of South teams.

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