Published On: Fri, Nov 24th, 2017

Oscar Pistorius Murder Sentence More Than Double As Increased To 13 Years And 5 Months

The paralympian Oscar Pistorius was sentenced for six years in jail in murder case of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp while now the appeal Supreme Court in South Africa on Friday has announced the increase in murder sentence for 13 years and five months.

Oscar Pistorius Murder Sentence More Than Double As Increased To 13 Years And 5 Months.jpg

Supreme Court Justice Willie Seriti announced the statement about the decision of case that Oscar runner Oscar Pistorius is sentenced more than double.

As previously he was sent to jail for six years on the killing of her girlfriend in his home in 2013 and prosecutors were called the sentence of six years as very lenient.

The Supreme Court judge Seriti that he should be sentenced for minimum fifteen years as he shoot his girlfriend in 2013 more than one times.

A panel of five judges at the Supreme Court were hearing the case of Oscar on Friday in the central city of Bloemfontein and now the decision has been announced in order to increase the jail sentence more than double.

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius South African sprint runner, he is known as the tenth athlete to compete at both Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games.

In 2013 on the occasion of Valentine’s Day he shot his Reeva Steenkamp and according to him it was mistake because he was not want to do that but police arrested as well as charged him with murder case, in that year he had sent to jail for approximately five years.

For appealing the predict, in 2014 prosecutors requested at the Supreme Court of Appeal while a panel of five judges heard the verdict.

On Friday the decision about sentence is finally announced by Justice Willie Seriti that he is sentenced more than double as 13 years and 5 months.


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