Published On: Thu, Dec 14th, 2017

Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations Tavis Smiley Suspended By PBS As He Denies

The host Tavis Smiley has suspended by PBS as he is involved in misconduct investigations, the management told on Wednesday that he suspended because of sexual allegations and Tavis has denied these all harassment news about him.


Tavis reported on Thursday that the all allegations on him about sexual misconduct are completely wrong as he posted a statement on Facebook because he respects all women while on Wednesday the PBS has announced that he suspended from show.

Now he is under the independent investigations in different harassment cases.Tavis Smiley is a well known talk show host in America as well as he is an author, he has hosted many radio as well as TV shows in his career while he got the popularity in world due to his show.

The Tavis Smiley Show from PRI (radio) host and now Tavis has been suspended by PBS on Wednesday on sexual harassment case.

After his suspension from talk show, he posted a statement in a video on Facebook that all the allegations against him on sexual misconduct are wrong because in his career.

He respected all women and colleagues who worked with him while PBS denied distributing his talk show as individual investigations is started against him on harassment case.

He further said that in his whole career of broadcasting, he never treated the women or colleagues inappropriately to any work place while he added that these all allegations are to destroy his reputation that he made in his entire life.

He revealed that in past he was involved in a relationship with a woman but never harassed anyone, PBS suspended him from talk show after individual investigation on sexual misconduct against him and he tried to clear all things on Thursday.

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